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An Exquisite Concrete Contractor at Your Fingertips

Concrete DrivewayYour driveways are certainly an important part of your home’s structure, being one form of a passageway to your garage. In order to keep your vehicle’s tires in great condition, your driveway must be flawless and unsullied. If your vehicle has sustained damage and dilapidation over the years, you can hire a concrete contractor to make repairs or to redo the entirety of your concrete driveway. If you’re looking for a team to do that without fail in Gastonia, NC, we at Andrew Concrete & Landscaping are the right choice for you.


We’re an expert concrete contractor that’s well-versed in the construction of groundwork such as driveways and patios. With us, you’ll get exquisitely high-quality services for just a fraction of the price of other concrete contractors. We’ll do that without compromising the quality and structure of any of your concrete projects, so leave your construction needs to us.


A driveway is highly susceptible to everyday wear and tear. Even the slightest damage that you see today could become more pronounced and noticeable in a matter of weeks. That’s why it’s important to utilize high-quality materials throughout all stages of your construction project to ensure amazing and lasting results. We at Andrew Concrete & Landscaping can do exactly that, as we’ll be able to use only the most reliable materials available to us. Not only that, we’ll match those top-quality materials with highly-proficient construction equipment, as well as unmatched skills and technique to lock down the success of your construction project. A driveway that looks great and one that isn’t prone to damage is just a call away with us.


We value your experience when you choose us to be your concrete contractor. Not only will we deliver great results, we’ll make sure you’re subject to hassle-free and exquisite customer care. Our professionals are willing to take on the job in a prompt, efficient, and friendly manner. So don’t settle for less than spectacular results. Hire us for your construction projects in Gastonia, NC today. For inquiries and appointments, call us now at (704) 678-1551.


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