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Know What the Concrete Cracks Mean:

Answers from an Experienced Concrete Repair Contractor

Concrete Repair ContractorDamage on concrete is not only about those obvious chipped edges. Cracks are also critical to the overall integrity of your concrete structure. This is why you have to consult a concrete repair contractor and find out if the cracks in your concrete are still safe or perhaps would already need renovation and repairs.

Only an experienced concrete repair contractor would know what the cracks on your concrete mean. Unless you’ve gone through different concrete repair projects yourself, you would have nothing to compare it with. If you ask concrete repair experts, here are their inputs on what concrete cracks mean:

Tiny Thin Cracks

 At first glance, tiny thin cracks do not look as critical as you expect. However, the placement of this type of crack means a lot more. If it is seen on the surface of any concrete structure, it might only have a problem with the aesthetic detailing work. But when these cracks are seen beneath beams and columns, that certain concrete work needs to be looked into right away for any structural integrity issue.

Cracks More than an Inch Larger

These huge cracks need to be evaluated right away at all costs. Although the reasons that prompt these cracks may not be the same, it is a clear indication that it has something to do with how the concrete was built or perhaps the type of concrete materials used.

Cracks in Dissimilar Directions

There’s nothing much you have to worry about finding cracks that appear in random directions on your concrete. This shouldn’t be as serious as those repetitive cracks found in a certain part of your concrete structure.

If you worry about the cracks you see on any of the concrete structure in your property, don’t hesitate to verify its implications only with a reliable and experienced concrete repair contractor like Andrew Concrete & Landscaping in Gastonia, NC. Contact us at (704) 678-1551 for details.

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