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Are There Different Kinds of Concrete Coating? Presented by a Knowledgeable Concrete Contractor

There are numerous kind of concrete coating products available, these protect surfaces against contamination and damage. Deeply penetrating sealer’s will offer a layer of protection to guard against temperatures and chemicals. Acrylic sealer’s will create a film which will protect concrete surfaces. Polyurethane coatings are denser and much more durable than traditional sealer’s. Epoxy coatings are resistant against scratches and will offer a more colorful look. Concrete overlays can be applied also, to restore a smoother finish. A professional concrete contractor explains:

Penetrating sealer’s are normally used on exterior concrete coatings. This will penetrate the concrete’s surface, in order to create a barrier against chemicals and moisture. These¬†are transparent and will not change the appearance. They will, however,¬†provide greater protection against freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. A penetrating sealer can be applied easily, and it the cheapest coating that you can find on the market.

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An acrylic sealer protects against damage. They can be used on interior and exterior surfaces and come in water or oil bases. It dries very quickly and is available in glossy or matte finishes. Acrylic sealer’s which are applied on interior surfaces will need regular maintenance though. This type of concrete coating is cheap and easy to use.

Polyurethane creates a high gloss finish. It is available in oil or water based formulas and needs a primer coat applied first. These coatings are used in high traffic areas due to their extreme durability. This material is thicker than acrylic and can be used on inside and outside surfaces. A pigment can also be added to produce a more colorful look.

Epoxy concrete are applied in a-two-step process; however, single components are available too. This coating is sold with sand or chips added, in order to create different textures and colors. It is very durable and resistant against chemicals and scratches. A textured topcoat is sometimes used with this material to make it slip resistant. However, they do need several days to dry properly.

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